Book Review

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All of us may have friends, family or co-workers who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which affects more than 2½ million Americans. The title of this book may sound out of place, however the book has excellent content. The book is broken down into 7 parts, including Part I, Getting Started, which has sections on finding a cause, prognosis and treatment options. Part III deals with managing the biology of bipolar disorder, Part IV deals with essential survival skills, Part V speaks to the fallout (hospital, work & financial), Part VI deals with assisting a friend or relative and Part VII explores tips for dealing with and managing bipolar disorder. This is an informative book that deals with the basics of bipolar disorder and is well orga-nized in a way that is easy to understand and would be a great addition to your bookcase.

*Joseph DeCarlo is the father of a 42-year old autistic son “Joey” who also suffers from epilepsy. Joey lives at home with his parents and attends Project Independence, a Regional Center of Orange County funded program. Mr. DeCarlo is President of the Proxy Parent Foundation and can be reached at