Dear Friends and Family

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Please allow me to introduce myself to you, my name is Kimberly Alsabery and I am joining Proxy Parent Foundation as the Communications and Client Relations Officer. As a California native with a familial connection to the disabled community, Proxy Parent Foundation is particularly near to my heart. I am a graduate of Arizona State University with an extensive marketing and development background. I look forward to marrying my professional expertise with my personal experience to ensure the vitality and growth of the organization for many years to come. After years of health struggles and a year in hospice, my blind and mentally disabled aunt passed away this past February. I know first-hand the struggles of managing a loved one’s care and finances. The passing of my aunt brought me to seek a position where I could utilize my experiences to help others in the disabled community. I am excited to join Proxy Parent Foundation, where I strive to answer the question, “Who will care when you’re not there?” Please feel free to contact me at kalsabery@proxyparentfoundation. org or 714.997.3310 if you have any questions or would like to share your stories with me.