Advantages of the PLAN of California Trust

Special Needs Trusts

Proxy Parent Special Needs Trust

Advantages of a Proxy Parent Foundation Trust

Longevity: Proxy Parent Foundation has served families and the special needs of individuals with disabilities since 1991. Our organizational structure ensures our longevity. We are a Board of Directors. We are a staff. We are a team. Proxy Parent Foundation, a 501(c)(3) California nonprofit, will continue to set the standard of excellence for special needs trusts in the decades to come.

Investment: Proxy Parent Foundation’s Special Needs Trust is a pooled trust. Assets of all individual trust accounts are pooled for investment purposes. This diversifies your account’s investments, maximizes returns, and helps protect your trust from market volatility.

Expertise: As trustee, Proxy Parent Foundation has expertise few individuals or financial institutions can offer. We serve disabled individuals exclusively. Unlike a bank or most for-profit or individual trustees, we understand how government benefits work and how to protect them. Proxy Parent staff are experienced with disabilities and special needs, and approve all disbursements from an individual account. We also understand and appreciate that each beneficiary is unique and that people with a disability have their own particular special needs.

Savings: Proxy Parent Foundation saves expense and time by providing you and your attorney with all the legal documents needed to establish your Special Needs Trust within our PLAN of California Master Pooled Trust. Because we are a nonprofit organization, our trustee fees are substantially lower than those usually charged by a bank or other financial institution. Proxy Parent Foundation is experienced with small trusts and large trusts alike.

Protection: Proxy Parent Foundation assures each individual beneficiary’s trust is used solely and exclusively for their special needs. Whether your trust is established by a family leaving a disabled family member an inheritance or by an individual’s own funds from a settlement an unexpected inheritance or court judgment, the grantor can be assured that Proxy Parent Foundation provides that trust with a strong, professional, compassionate and experienced nonprofit trustee who understands each beneficiary’s special needs.

Management: Members of Proxy Parent Foundation’s Board of Directors, Quality Assurance Committee, Business and Investment Committees, serve as volunteers and derive no personal benefit from the PLAN of California Master Pooled Trust. Under Proxy Parent Foundation’s direction, guidance and oversight, Fidelity Investments acts as fund custodian; Lindbrook Capital, LLC, as the Investment Manager; and Binder & Co. provides accounting duties, including regulatory tax filings for each individual trust account.