Proxy Parent Foundation Trust

Special Needs Trusts

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The PLAN of California Master Pooled Trust
is a special needs trust.

Proxy Parent Foundation, the nonprofit trustee of the PLAN of California Master Pooled Trust, administers and protects a beneficiary’s eligibility for “means-tested” government benefits, such as SSI and Medi-Cal. We are open to all disabilities and all ages with no asset minimum.

Proxy Parent Foundation is open both to families who want to give an inheritance and to disabled individuals about to come into money.


A Family’s
Special Needs Trust

A parent, grandparent, sibling or friend (grantor) wanting to give their disabled loved one an inheritance or gift may establish what is called a third party trust with Proxy Parent Foundation. Usually funded upon the grantor’s death through a provision in their living trust or will, a third party trust can also be created and funded while the grantor is living. The funds in the third party trust can pay for the beneficiary’s special needs while protecting their eligibility for government benefits. There is no Medi-Cal pay back from a third party trust after the beneficiary dies.


An Individual’s
Special Needs Trust

A person who is disabled may establish with their own assets what is called a first-party trust. These assets may include those expected to be received from a settlement, litigation, direct inheritance or those of a person over age 65. The disabled individual is both the grantor and the beneficiary. The trust is used to pay for special needs while protecting qualifications for government benefits such as SSI and Medi-Cal.

What may a Special Needs Trust pay for?

We truly understand each individual’s special needs are unique and we approve and disburse payment based on each individual’s special needs. A Proxy Parent Foundation Special Needs Trust can pay for a beneficiary’s recreation, hobbies, education, entertainment, pet care, health and dental care, supplemental housing costs -- whatever is determined to enhance their quality of life.


Advantages of a Proxy Parent Foundation Trust

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