Personal Support Services

Bruce Lewitt, Managing Director

Bruce Lewitt, Managing Director

Who will care when you’re not there?

Proxy Parent Foundation will.

For three decades, we have provided trusting, continuous relationships with our beneficiaries with mental illness and other brain disorders. Our Personal Support Specialists act as ‘proxy parents’ for our beneficiaries by advocating for them, especially in coordinating the complexities of public social services and health care.
— bruce Lewitt, managing director

Our Personal Support Services are flexible and tailored to meet each beneficiary’s special needs, and include:

  • Regular visits to the beneficiary

  • Timely assistance with living and treatment needs, medication management, medical appointments, obtaining and maintaining government benefits and finding and maintaining suitable housing

  • Encouragement toward a higher quality of life by developing and maintaining friendships, healthy activities and recreation, learning how to cook, shop, use transportation, or applying to school or seeking employment

  • Outreach to the beneficiary who is homeless or involved in the criminal justice system

Personal Support Services available throughout California.

Proxy Parent Foundation’s Personal Support Services are available throughout California for our beneficiaries with a mental illness or other brain disorder who have a funded trust with us or a trust that has been set up to be funded in the future. For details, contact us.